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My Sarah Jane: A Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith Community [entries|friends|calendar]
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Unwhosual - a prompt fic comm [06 Jan 2013|05:58am]

FAQ | Rules | Round One | Fills

unwhosual is a prompt comm for Doctor Who
intending to cover ships, spin-offs and crossovers
typically glossed over, that the fandom at large has
moved on from, or which nobody has thought to do
before. Membership is open and posting unmoderated,
and you can prompt as many ideas as you like,
and you can fill as many prompts as you like.
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The Cheering Up Meme! [14 Aug 2012|05:44pm]

The Cheering Up Meme!

All Fandoms. All Pairings. Fic & Art Welcome.

Make someone's day!
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Fanmix: I'll Catch The Wind And Fly [18 Apr 2012|11:59pm]

Title: I'll Catch The Wind And Fly
Subject: Sarah Jane Smith (with Doctor/Sarah Jane)
Warnings: Spoilers for all of Sarah's storyline, from Doctors 3 to 11.
Notes: Full album art, tracklisting, and download links under the fake cut.

( pick a star on the dark horizon and follow the light )
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Classic Who Meta: the Doctor and Sarah Jane [28 Mar 2012|11:44am]


The Doctor Who Meta Community is a weekly discussion comm that sponsors topics relating to both Nu Who and Classic Who. Every Monday is a new topic relating to Nu Who, and every Wednesday is a new topic relating to Classic Who.

This week, we discuss the platonic (or not?) nature of Sarah Jane's friendship with Doctors Three and Four. Feel free to come give your thoughts!
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Fanvid: Suddenly Sarah [29 Jan 2012|01:11pm]

Title: Suddenly Sarah (Doctor/Sarah)
Vidder: dbskyler
Characters: Sarah Jane Smith, the Doctor
Clips from: Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures
Music: "Suddenly (A Brown-Eyed Girl)" by Nine Days

Or if you prefer, here's a link to a password-protected version on vimeo:

password: suddenly
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TimeGate Updates! [04 May 2010|07:57pm]

TimeGate is the annual Doctor Who (and Stargate and more!) convention in Atlanta, GA, USA. This year it's happening over the Memorial Day weekend again, May 28th through May 30th. Among the Doctor Who guests are Paul Kasey, who has portrayed many monsters on Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures, including Ood Sigma; and Dominic Glynn, who composed music for Doctor Who during the Sixth and Seventh Doctors' eras. Also appearing is Louis Robinson, who worked on many BBC TV programs, including Doctor Who in the Third Doctor's era.

For more information: http://www.timegatecon.org

New Updates:

April 30th WAS the Deadline for Pre-Registration and Staff Registrations for Timegate. However, the deadline has now been extended until Midnight, Friday May 7th!

Now is the time to get that registration in if you have not already and wish to have the full sized Pre-Reg Badge. Registration is $35 and at the door will be $45. The Staff Rate is $15 if you are serving on staff.

Memberships are available at http://www.timegatecon.org/memb.htm via PayPal or printed form.

If you have any questions regarding registration, please email Mike Henigan, Director of Registration, at registration@timegatecon.org .


Also, TimeGate is putting on a Doctor Who Trivia Night on May 6th in Decatur (right next-door to Atlanta).

So come to The Marlay pub in Decatur and enjoy an evening of Doctor Who trivia! The questions will be focused on Doctor Who, and some of them will be about references to Doctor Who in other shows. There will be prizes for the top three teams/individuals. Also, special drinks are planned for the evening, like the TARDIStini. The event is from 7-9 pm on Thursday, May 6, 2010. The Marlay is located at 426 W Ponce De Leon Avenue, Decatur, GA, 30330.

You can RSVP on the Facebook site or email Kris, Director of PR, at krish@timegatecon.org .
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Fic: Need (rated R, explicit sex) [12 Feb 2010|01:38pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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Request for information! [23 Jan 2010|02:39pm]

If this isn't allowed, please delete and my apologies. :o)

I'm writing a fic at the moment, and I need to know what Sarah Jane's relationship with her aunt was like after Sarah's "return" to Earth (so post Hand of Fear). What kind of a woman was Lavinia like and how was she around her niece? Listening to the start of the SJS audio Comeback it seemed like Sarah and Lavinia weren't all that close, but that could just be me.

Any details or impressions people could give me would be fantastic, thank you.

Cross posted to sarahjane_fic
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Help Haiti: SJA Offers [18 Jan 2010|02:02am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

For those of you interested in this particular version of the huge number of responses to the crisis in Haiti, but who are also overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude and abundance of posts at help_haiti, but interested in looking for authors willing to write you fannish thank you notes in the form of fic for donations you may wish to make, I present the following collections. These cover all the pages of offerings from the first Words Post, all but 15 pages of the 2nd Words Post, and NONE of the 3rd Words Post.

If you're looking for something that is more immediate, you could go to the Lightning Round (rather like a "Buy It Now" option) where many folks have offered drabbles and/or ficlets for a set-amount of a donation (usually $1 to $5 per drabble/ficlet).

If there's something you'd like to HAVE or read or have help with, the Requests Post lets you specify something YOU would like and allows those who want to do something to page through and say, "Hey, I'll do THAT!"

Offers of SJA ficCollapse )

Paging through the offerings then coding by fandom done by eponymous_rose, rexluscus, thebiggest_lie, and a few by me.

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Title: Gone (Ten/Rose, Ten/Sarah Jane) PG [29 Dec 2009|03:19pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Title: Gone
Author: anxiousgeek
Fandom: New Doctor Who/Sarah Jane Adventures
Rating: PG
Character/Pairing: Ten/Rose, Ten/Sarah Jane
Spoilers: Post The Runaway Bride, before Smith And Jones
Warnings: None.
Summary: Rose is gone.
Notes: Been watching Doctor Who a lot. And this emerged. 1129 words.

(he was holding onto her like she was the only thing keeping him on his feet)

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Hii [01 Nov 2009|02:28pm]

Sorry I can't share any fandom stuff with you lot for now (don't worry, I'll try to fix that in the future) but I did have a question about this picture.

Does anybody have it in a bigger size? I've been looking all over the place and can't seem to find it anywhere.
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[31 Oct 2009|04:25am]

I totally fail at crossposting so I'm sorry to anyone who's already seen these :\

03 Flashforward
16 The Sarah Jane Adventures
07 Classic Who (Sarah, Four, Lis Sladen and Tom Baker)
01 Torchwood

and the rest are here @ paper_spaceship
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Utterly cracktastic Classic Who/SJA crossover idea ... [17 Oct 2009|03:25am]

... Inspired by certain upcoming episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures (I won't allude to them here, due to spoilers, but you'll all be able to guess which ones I'm referring to), as well as this post on doctorwho.

The observations that led to my cracktastic crossover idea:

  1. Sean Pertwee REALLY looks like his dad when he was younger.

  2. We never actually saw Patrick Troughton regenerate into Jon Pertwee during the original series of Doctor Who itself.

  3. In both Classic Who and NuWho, there's a precedent for past incarnations of the Doctor meeting their future companions BEFORE they actually meet for the "first time."

  4. In many ways, Sarah Jane Smith has basically become the Third Doctor during his Earthbound UNIT years.
And the idea itself:

Cast Sean Pertwee as a younger version of the Third Doctor, from between Patrick Troughton's final appearance in "The War Games" and Jon Pertwee's first appearance in "Spearhead From Space."

It would turn out that, after the Doctor was exiled to Earth, but before the TARDIS materialized in the early '70s the era of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Dr. Liz Shaw, it had actually taken a side-trip to present-day Bannerman Road, where young!Three would appear on Sarah Jane's doorstep.

Yes, he'd have to lose his memories of meeting her, after their adventure was done, but I like the idea of Sarah Jane using her wisdom and maturity to help guide the Doctor through his transition between Two and Three, and I especially like the idea that Sarah Jane might have inspired Three's own personality (which, in turn, so obviously inspired Sarah Jane's modern-day persona).

Sad to say, it's the closest we'll ever get to the Bannerman Road crew being able to meet Sarah Jane's "first Doctor," and Sean Pertwee has been lobbying to follow in his dad's footsteps for years, so it'd be a natural fit, I think.
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Some thoughts slightly deeper than squee about the upcoming Whoniverse crossover [28 Sep 2009|03:23pm]

Yes, this is awesome, and every time I look at these photos, it makes me happy, both as a Classic!Who fan and as someone who rather unashamedly ships A Certain Doctor with A Certain Companion (albeit entirely non-exclusively, so don't worry, I'm not asking anyone else to Die Or Get Character-Assassinated For My Ship).

That being said? Given certain aspects of past portrayals of older women as a whole on NuWho, I can't help but harbor some concerns about how a certain spoilery situation will be portrayed in the upcoming season of The Sarah Jane Adventures, to wit:

Spoilery thoughts on THAT S3 episode of SJA:Collapse )
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Children of Time Awards [17 Apr 2009|03:03pm]

The Children of Time Awards has only 8 days left to submit nominations for Round 3. Time is quickly running out to get your nominations in and we still have a lot of categories in need of nominations. I know there is so much wonderful fic out there that is not getting nominated that should be. I'd love to see all the wonderful authors here represented.

At the moment we are in desperate need of Classic Who nominations. We don't have a single Classic Who category with enough nominees to go to voting next week.

So if you have a few moments check out The Children of Time Awards and nominate your favorite authors and artists so that they get the recognition they deserve.
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Doctor Who: SPOILERS for the Specials [10 Apr 2009|08:22pm]

Christmas just came early. :)

"So, then ... what's your name, again?"Collapse )
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Doctor/Sarah fanvid recs [18 Mar 2009|11:24pm]

Just feeling in the mood to pass on some Doctor/Sarah fanvid love, especially because two of my favorites seem to have been removed from YouTube. The lesson? Go check these out while you can! (Although hopefully that will still be for a good long while.) And here we go:

#1: "Goodbye to You and Me" by cosmicllin


I love it because it's melancholy, yet it so, so beautifully illustrates their relationship. "Goodbye to you and me, what a good friend you've been to me."

#2: "Sarah Jane and the Doctor -- When Summer Comes" by madmaggiefell


I love it because it's hopeful, with just a touch of sadness. And the last cut from Ten to
Four is wonderful. "What winter takes away, spring brings back again. Everything's gonna be all right when summer comes."

#3: "Doctor Who -- Hanging by a Moment (Doctor/Sarah Jane)" by nastally


I love it because this is the Doctor/Sarah Jane love story, and it's perfect. "Desperate for changing, starving for truth, I'm closer to where I started, chasing after you."
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The Many Lives of Sarah Jane Smith Ficathon [08 Feb 2009|09:52pm]

[ mood | quixotic ]

The Many Lives of Sarah Jane Smith ficathon is looking for prompts

This ficathon celebrates Sarah's long and sometimes contradictory history from her early days in Doctor Who through tv, books, comic books, comic strips, direct to video, spinoffs and audio, to her current appearances in Sarah Jane Adventures.

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[04 Feb 2009|06:09pm]

01-01 Pushing Daisies
02-03 Farscape
04-14 Alias
15-30 Doctor Who (old show, new show, sja)

8 icons of Four and Sarah, and Ten and Sarah + duplicates

all here @ paper_spaceship
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NEED A BETA!! [31 Jan 2009|10:39am]


Hey, I really need DW/TW betas. I tend to write drabbles featuring either 10th Doctor/Ianto Jones or 10th Doctor/Jack Harkness, but I plan to write more pairings soon (which include but not limited to: 10th Doctor/Rose, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Ianto Jones/Tosh Sato, 10th Doctor/Sarah Jane, Master/10th Doctor, 5th Doctor/Tegan, 5th Doctor/Turlough, 4th Doctor/Sarah Jane and 4th Doctor/Romana II). If you think you'd like to be my beta, or know someone who might please comment on this entry.

Thank you so much!
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