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Doctor/Sarah fanvid recs

Just feeling in the mood to pass on some Doctor/Sarah fanvid love, especially because two of my favorites seem to have been removed from YouTube. The lesson? Go check these out while you can! (Although hopefully that will still be for a good long while.) And here we go:

#1: "Goodbye to You and Me" by cosmicllin


I love it because it's melancholy, yet it so, so beautifully illustrates their relationship. "Goodbye to you and me, what a good friend you've been to me."

#2: "Sarah Jane and the Doctor -- When Summer Comes" by madmaggiefell


I love it because it's hopeful, with just a touch of sadness. And the last cut from Ten to
Four is wonderful. "What winter takes away, spring brings back again. Everything's gonna be all right when summer comes."

#3: "Doctor Who -- Hanging by a Moment (Doctor/Sarah Jane)" by nastally


I love it because this is the Doctor/Sarah Jane love story, and it's perfect. "Desperate for changing, starving for truth, I'm closer to where I started, chasing after you."
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