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Some thoughts slightly deeper than squee about the upcoming Whoniverse crossover

Yes, this is awesome, and every time I look at these photos, it makes me happy, both as a Classic!Who fan and as someone who rather unashamedly ships A Certain Doctor with A Certain Companion (albeit entirely non-exclusively, so don't worry, I'm not asking anyone else to Die Or Get Character-Assassinated For My Ship).

That being said? Given certain aspects of past portrayals of older women as a whole on NuWho, I can't help but harbor some concerns about how a certain spoilery situation will be portrayed in the upcoming season of The Sarah Jane Adventures, to wit:

Between "School Reunion" and "Invasion of the Bane," NuWho has been more than slightly schizophrenic about Sarah Jane's enduring status as a single gal, to the point that each of the aforementioned episodes contained scenes that congratulated Sarah Jane on being a smart, strong, self-directed, independent woman, at the same time that they contained unsettling undertones of making her out to be a sort of Miss Havisham for choosing not to settle down with a nice man and become a cookie-baking mom.

There's enough of a gulf between these two points that it increasingly creates an uncanny valley effect for me, whenever I watch those episodes again, with only the intentional vagueness of certain lines of dialogue allowing me to bridge that gap. And while I doubt that the dialogue in "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith" will be much more explicit in spelling out any details of Sarah Jane's past romantic relationships, since she stopped traveling with the Doctor (especially since The Sarah Jane Adventures is identified as a "children's show" even more strenuously than Doctor Who itself), I still worry about the implications.

I don't want Sarah Jane to meet Mr. Plot Device Fiance and wind up saying things about her past dating life that correspond to Encyclopedia Dramatica's summary of her as an elderly woman who "regrets saving her virginity for her pretend alien boyfriend." Yes, at some point before "School Reunion," she'd obviously been without a partner for a while, but I'd like to think that she didn't just give up on finding love after the Doctor "dumped" her. The Sarah Jane I remember from the original series not only knew how to turn men's heads (see also: every male enlisted soldier and officer in UNIT), but she also knew that she knew. Sarah Jane in the '70s was a feisty woman's libber who teased the Brig about being a "swinger," so I don't want her to be retconned into being a nun in the Doctor's absence.

And yes, this is me fixating on the off-screen sex life of a fictional female character from a sci-fi show for kids ...
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