Shooting You with My Smile (box_in_the_box) wrote in my_sarah_jane,
Shooting You with My Smile

Utterly cracktastic Classic Who/SJA crossover idea ...

... Inspired by certain upcoming episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures (I won't allude to them here, due to spoilers, but you'll all be able to guess which ones I'm referring to), as well as this post on doctorwho.

The observations that led to my cracktastic crossover idea:

  1. Sean Pertwee REALLY looks like his dad when he was younger.

  2. We never actually saw Patrick Troughton regenerate into Jon Pertwee during the original series of Doctor Who itself.

  3. In both Classic Who and NuWho, there's a precedent for past incarnations of the Doctor meeting their future companions BEFORE they actually meet for the "first time."

  4. In many ways, Sarah Jane Smith has basically become the Third Doctor during his Earthbound UNIT years.
And the idea itself:

Cast Sean Pertwee as a younger version of the Third Doctor, from between Patrick Troughton's final appearance in "The War Games" and Jon Pertwee's first appearance in "Spearhead From Space."

It would turn out that, after the Doctor was exiled to Earth, but before the TARDIS materialized in the early '70s the era of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Dr. Liz Shaw, it had actually taken a side-trip to present-day Bannerman Road, where young!Three would appear on Sarah Jane's doorstep.

Yes, he'd have to lose his memories of meeting her, after their adventure was done, but I like the idea of Sarah Jane using her wisdom and maturity to help guide the Doctor through his transition between Two and Three, and I especially like the idea that Sarah Jane might have inspired Three's own personality (which, in turn, so obviously inspired Sarah Jane's modern-day persona).

Sad to say, it's the closest we'll ever get to the Bannerman Road crew being able to meet Sarah Jane's "first Doctor," and Sean Pertwee has been lobbying to follow in his dad's footsteps for years, so it'd be a natural fit, I think.
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